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ecommerce websiteWe have discussed a site’s features in the section called Web Design, and we will now discuss what can be done with a site and its features. We will not try to cover all the possibilities but just the best known ones and, from our point of view, the most beneficial to you. We will talk about everything related to advertising, promotion and sale venues. May be all these words sound familiar to you. There are the three fundamental points in marketing and this is not surprising since a Web page is a very important marketing tool.


We must cover this topic from two different points of view product’ s advertising (meaning product, service or company) and site’s advertising on the Internet. We will start with the latter. Traditional advertising diverts product’s attention to the advertisement; i.e., it focuses advertising on the advertisement itself. Be it an ad that enhances the product’s features or an ad that introduces the product at the end so as to move people through the argument, the goal is to call the recipient’s attention WITH the ad. However, on the Internet, it is not the same. When you have a Website and you want to promote it, you do not create an extraordinary advertisement but put a very simple link on a site related to what you offer. That link takes people who click it to your corporate site. Then, what convinces the potential client is not the advertising but the site’s design. As opposed to traditional advertising, you do not try to delight people by advertising but advertising is created so that people can get to know the site—which will be what delights us or not. That is the reason why the site is itself an ad, because it tries to delight consumers and not the advertising that comes from it.

The other point of view has to do with what in marketing is strictly called advertising; i.e., make the product’s launch or existence known to the public. Website is the best way to keep the public updated about new products or products you want to stand out. Your company’s page can have a section devoted to advertising, or just its home page or part of it to announce the new products.


Product’s promotion consists of adding an extra item to the product to make it more attractive to consumers’ eyes. Promotion’s goal is to make the product known through its use or get the public used to using it, and make them «need» it. An Internet site is the ideal place to conduct a promotion campaign.

build a websiteAdding on your site a section with the day or week’s offer will make people consume your product. On this section, you can also place the gifts that come with the acquisition of a given product. For example, by buying a certain dish soap you get a sponge.

business Web sitesOffering printable discount coupons. You can offer discount coupons on your site so that people can print them and submit them to the shop where they are getting the product from. This is not only good to increase sales but also to greatly increase the number of visitors per day on your site.

business Web pageGiving away tickets. You can organize an event and offer tickets on you Web page. For instance, by buying a given product you will find a label with a number on it and by entering that number on the Website, it will take you to the section where you can print the tickets to go to an event, to the movies, etc.

Sale venues: In marketing, one of the main goals is to increase sale venues. There is no bigger, more promising and wider sale venue than the Internet. If you wish to sell via the Internet, you will be able to increase your profits and the geographic area where you operate. In order to have so, you have to ask the designer to create an e-commerce Web page. This type of Website shows products and prices, and offers a box to put the number of products you want. To easily identify them, we are talking about those sites that have a shopping cart, which gets full as you buy products. When you end the purchase, you are asked to input a credit, debit card number or an account number, plus some personal data. A well designed e-commerce site, regularly controlled by an expert, is safe and it increases sales to incredible levels.

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