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ecommerce websiteWeb design is a graphic design’s branch that deals with the developing and planning of Web pages. Design’s goal is to keep a balance between the esthetic and function of the work object. A proper design is right as long as it is nice to look at, attractive, easy to surf, with easy-to-access information and which perfectly represents the client. These are the requirements you are interested in knowing and that you will revise when approving the finished design. However, in order to prove the site properly works, you will have to wait until it is programmed, as we will see in the section called Programming.

Web design, as any other, can be defined when we define its work object, which, in this type of design, is the Internet site. A Website has a number of features that differentiate it from the rest of design’s elements. Next we will introduce the most important ones, the ones you should pay more attention to.

build a websiteInteractivity:

This is the most important feature. The Website is the only element of design that allows for data exchange between the sender and the recipient, exchanging their roles over and over again. Every design transmits a message from the company to the public and the process ends there. That is to say, a company sends a message and the recipient gets it without the possibility to answer back. This is very obvious it would be very awkward to see someone on the street asking a leaflet which the available options are. However, the client can visit the company’s site, see what it offers and ask about something he becomes interested in. Next the customer service office will answer the question and another question will be asked, or a suggestion or comment will be made. Thus, intercommunication will be held between the parties "client-company" which will allow the company to thoroughly know the clients’ and potential clients’ likes, interests, ideas, etc. This will be valuable information to be able to conduct the market research and the company’s marketing campaign.

business Web sitesPresence:

The function that a company’s Website fulfills in relation to its presence in the market can be covered from two perspectives -affirmative and negative. The affirmative one consists of the importance the Internet has as a commercial inquiry media. Nowadays, the Internet is the most used media to look for a product, service or a company. The huge ease that a company has to seem powerful and important through a Website is beyond compare. That is to say, if a small company wanted to seem powerful and important from its building, it would have to invest lots of money in refurbishing it and make it look as a big company’s building. However, creating a site similar to those of big companies will not cost you more than $2,000. From a negative perspective, we will mention how bad it is NOT to have a Website. First, no user looking for a product will find the offers of your company and end up buying in another -as we have mentioned, the first searching method is the Internet. Second, if someone looked for your company’s site and he did not find it, this would hurt your company’s image users would see it as old-fashioned and small. To sum up, the presence of a company on the Internet is not longer a luxury but a vital need.

business Web pageVirtual office:

Since industrialization and globalization, companies have completely disassociated from a particular community. In former times, when massive production have not burst yet and there was no global super-information, when the world markets were not opened to anyone, etc, every community shared its everyday life with the company or plant of the area. This company or plant was known by everyone, was a source of work for everyone in the community and it was the core of it. Thus, everybody had it in their minds and perfectly knew it. Nowadays, that no longer happens. Company’s buildings are not longer known and most companies are only known by their names or activities. That is to say, they are an abstraction, an entity that only exists in consumers’ minds. In order to compensate this abstraction process, there are many methods, but here we will deal with Web design. The company’s new site can function as «the new customer service office». As a replacement of the real offices which nobody knows, a place on the Internet is offered. It is a convenient place not only due to its advertising power but also due to its low cost.

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