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ecommerce websiteSEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This activity consists in positioning Web pages in a better place within a search engine. The function of this service is to improve the positioning of a site in the pages that respond to a searcher, with certain words. For example, if you sell carpets, a SEO will improve your positioning when the words «carpet», «decoration», etc, are entered. This new activity has become a very important element so that a Web page can provide the desired results. Let’s see some features.

SEO modifies the design and the programming of your site to make it scale positions. Search engines read the page code to decide on which position to place it. Changes made by SEO do not greatly modify your site and most cases you will not see the difference.

The positioning process in search engines is not a quick process. A good SEO’s campaign takes from six months to 2 years, depending on the complexity of the area and of the competition. The positioning of the word «Logo» is much harder than that of the word «atmosphere». Depending on the word you choose, there will be more or less complexity. Be patient! Results are worth it.

No SEO can guarantee that the job gives a certain result. No one can guarantee you that you will be among the first ten positions in Google --all that is advertising. The SEO’s job is to «improve» your site; this does not guarantee that it reaches a given position. However, even though it does not reach the desired position, it is always better having an optimized site than an non-optimized one.

In order to start working on a site it is important that it is finished --i.e. designed, programmed and loaded on the Internet. If the site meets these conditions, first the SEO will load this site on all the search engines. Loading means indexing the site within a file of existing Web pages for every search engine. If a site is not indexed, it will never be within the search results.

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