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ecommerce websiteProgramming a site means translating its design into HTML code. Web design is in charge of graphically designing the site; i.e., its appearance. However, the finished design is not a Web page; it is only a file. The programmer makes this design functional —he transforms the drawing of buttons into real buttons, achieves a great internal navigation, etc. HTML code is a programming language which all computers of the world understand and that is the reason why when a Web page is correctly translated it looks identical on any computer of the world.

The programmer’s task is not an unimportant one. Not matter how good the site’s design is; if it is not programmed, it is worthless. Note: a Web design that it is not programmed is not a Web page; it is a graphic file. Programming is the inevitable step so that a design is transformed into a usable Web page.

There are some Web design programs that automatically convert the design into HTML code without the need of a programmer —developers, as they are called. The problem with these programs is that they generate a «dirty» code, difficult for search engines robots , such as: Google, Yahoo! and MSN, to read them. This difficulty produces a bad positioning as regards the results that search engines provide. This is so because robots cannot verify all the information introduced in the code due to the fact that it is disorganized and not optimized (see SEO).

It is not a good idea to hire a very expensive designer, and it is better to save the money for a programmer. The programmer’s task is absolutely indispensable. A site that is not programmed is not a site, it is a loose file in a computer and you will not want to pay for it. A wrong code will cause defects in your site, such as: lack of photography, poor elements distribution, bad positioning in search engines, impossibility to visit some or all the sections, malfunction, etc. That is the reason why investing in a programmer is very valuable and important.

You may hire a Web designer and a programmer, both working on their own. Another option is to hire a Web design company that provides you with both professionals. Finally, you can also choose a Web designer that is also a programmer. In any case, you should bear in mind that both the programmer’s and the designer’s job are equally important.

Nonetheless, though they are equally important, the way they work is different. A designer depends on the constant contact with the client and the design will take a long time to be finished. However, the site’s programming is something that does not require the client’s attention and it is a much quicker process than that of the Web page’s design.

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