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build a websitebusiness Web sitesLack of indications or imprecise indications:

The design’s task consists of transforming the client’s ideas into graphic elements, into graphic signs. If you do not correctly indicate the designer what you want, he will not know how to do it. Correctly communicating means clearly explaining everything you want. In order to do so, it is important you think what you want before hiring the designer and accepting, afterwards, his suggestions.

business Web pageTied designer:

When a designer is not free to work, it is a big problem. Designer must have the possibility to use his imagination and knowledge to provide the client with things he would not have been able to create. A designer is not a scribe; a designer adds his personality to the job and he cannot be tied to the client’s wishes as if they were the Law.

make websiteClient designer:

When the client starts to get into the designer’s job, we have a problem. The one in charge of dealing with design programs and graphic tools is the designer and the designer himself. The client must only express his ideas as good as he can but without getting involved in the designer’s job.

cheap websitesDeaf designer:

When the designer does not listen to the client because he considers he is not an expert in the subject, we have to solve this attitude. The arrogant attitude of a person, who does not accept other person’s suggestion, because he thinks the other person does not know much, must never be accepted. The client’s wrong suggestions must be clarified so that he can understand why he is wrong. The designer should never ignore what the client asks for, since this can cause trouble.

online website builderDifficult relationship:

The relationship between the client and the designer is very important so that the work is well done. A fluent and nice relationship is necessary, in which proposed ideas and suggestions are exchanged and in which a nice and harmonious environment is created. The designer and the client are not part of a contract; they are a team and they have to try hard to work as such. Otherwise, the work will be a disaster and a deserved one.

small business Web sitesExaggerated demands:

When you hire a designer who works on his own or a design company, you work with them until the job is done. When the Web page is uploaded on the Internet, you will notice some details that you do not like and you will ask for them to be modified. However, many people are very into details and ask for many modifications. In order to avoid this, a limited number of modifications can be fixed --as regards quality or quantity-- or you can pay for the extra hours spent in making the changes.

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