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Business website design

ecommerce websiteThis site's goal is to inform users, especially businessmen, about the basic business website design concepts. The information you will find here will be useful for helping you to have a professional business website. What does this mean? We will not discuss how to use graphic tools, how to create a Flash animation, or anything regarding the graphic designer's job. However, we will inform you about basic Web design concepts so that you are aware of them and can advise, suggest, recommend and indicate the best ways to face each and every aspect of the design and development process, from the client point of view. Business website design is divided in two parts —the designer's part and the client's part. The client's job is to think the message that his site will communicate, suggest aesthetics, data organization and the site's navigability; to sum up, he has to have the message and the idea, and be able to transmit them. The designer's job is to completely understand the client's wishes, messages and ideas, suggest a style, colors and visual organization. The business website designer should also advise the client when he thinks something is not right and skillfully use the graphic tools adding his own creativity and versatility, and of course, build and code the website.

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Having separated and divided each one's tasks in creating a website's design, we have decided to focus on those aspects related to the client. That is to say, how to come up with the best ideas, what not to do, what is new in the market, which are the trends and the design's golden rules, how to best communicate ideas, what things never to do, and so on. Throughout this site, you will learn about Web design from a pedagogic point of view, which will cover theory and practice but without overwhelming the reader with technical details and keeping an everyday language. This is not a site for experts though they are not excluded. This is a site aimed at the Web design service's client, be it an amateur or an expert who can conceive some good idea.

We recommend that you read the site from the first section and continue in the established order. This way of reading will take you from general to more specific information, and it will become more complex as you read on. However, if you choose to read only the sections that call your attention or skip one because you already know the topic it deals with, you will have no problem to read on. Even though the order has a pedagogic intention, and a complete and progressive transmission of data, the possibility that the reader wants to read the site in his own way has also been taken into account, and therefore sections are autonomous but constituent of a whole.

The sections on this site have different topics. Web Design is a section that gives a notion of the concept and presents its general features. In "Site's Functions", there is a detailed list of the corporate site's functions. "Corporate Identity" deals with the company's image from the design's elements and their particular relation to your company's Web page design. In "Typography and Colors", we will discuss the selection and usage of a certain type of typography as opposed to the one used in graphic media, and the selection and combination of colors and their ability to be printed. In "SEO", there is a detailed presentation about the positioning on search engines and an explanation of their basic functions and their advertising utility. "Programming" deals with the translation of a design into HTML, being this one the last and inevitable step to have a business site. Finally, in "Frequent Mistakes" we will mention a number of mistakes of both designers and clients, and, especially, the issues that might occur in their relationship.

Welcome to this integral site of business Web design. We thank you for choosing "business website design". We invite you to surf the site, created by us to help you. The entire "business website design" team hope this website to be as helpful as possible. We welcome all comments and suggestions about business website design.

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